ELTON hodinářská, a.s.

The Czech Republic has only a few people who do not know the brand PRIM.

They are either too young to experience the exclusive position of brand PRIM in Czech market, or they have got Ruhla or Slava watches for their good school reports.

Yes, the majority of Bohemians, Moravians, and Slovaks have got their first wristwatches PRIM.

In this connection we could call them “family silver”.

The meaning of the wristwatches branded PRIM has not been insignificant neither in the world’s map of a watch industry. That also proves increased interest in those watches from outland. Those watches have been manufactured in Nové Město nad Metují since 1949.

Also the indication Czech Made is one of many reasons that people are more and more interested in PRIM. In the time when the majority of branded watches are produced or fabricated under the Swiss flag and other “nameless” goods in Asia (mainly in China or Hong Kong) thetradition and historical continuity of manufacturing aare significant values that go for reminding.

We combine people full of creative inspiration and imagination with thetechnical dexterity of watchmakers and the most up-to-date engineering technology. We are a factory, which is able to make our customers’ dreams come true. 

More than sixty years of experience andcreative work is your guarantee that our word counts.