The movement is the heart of every wristwatch – it determines not only how  long the wristwatch will work, but also its quality of operation. We manufacture all of our movements with great emphasis on each of the more than 130 components being carefully fitted in place. This is why we are certain that PRIM wristwatches will last for several generations. We currently produce 6 types of wristwatch movements which we manufacture and assemble in our factory in Nove Mesto nad Metuji. The most frequently used types include those which were manufactured in 2009, 2010 and 2013.


We manufacture all of the cases on site in our factory in Nove Mesto nad Metuji using a metal cutting method which allows us to adapt the shape, the size or the material to meet customer requirements during manufacturing. We are able to work with various materials ranging from stainless steel, precious metals and Damascus steel, right through to titanium. We in principal only add the finishing touches to the case by hand and in doing so ensure that each and every PRIM wristwatch becomes a true jewel on our customer’s arm.


We are able to manufacture various types and colours of dial. We produce dials with relief indexes, printed dials, smooth dials or dials in combination with indexes covered in luminescent paint. To cover the dial, we use sapphire glass with an anti-glare coating made in the Czech Republic. Thanks to our many years of experience with development and manufacturing of wristwatches, we can also offer our clients the unique possibility of participating in graphic design of the dial.


The strap complements the overall appearance of the wristwatch and is an integral part of every design draft. We offer our customers high quality leather straps which adorn wristwatches from our formal, sports and art collections. Subject to customer request, we are able to manufacture straps from crocodile or other luxury leathers. Selected wristwatches from the sports collection include straps from natural rubber and textile straps which are better suited to the active lifestyle of some of our clients. We also offer the possibility of designing a strap for customers who find the regular width and length of the straps unsuitable.


The watch hand´s final surface is always handicraft. We use a lot of types of materials: steel watch hands, gilded watch hands, blue tempered watch hands, hand-varnished watch hands, luminescent colour coated watch hands.

What does the term

The term"DLC" (from english " diamond like carbon" )is used for a metastable status of amorphous carbon including very high part of sp3 bonds.   

These surfaces have mostly very interesting mechanical characters like high hardness,chemical constancy,translucency and excellent anti-scratching characters.

Therefore the DLC surface has a wide possibility of using like for example protection surfaces,car industry, medicine (surface for articular compensations) and of course microelectronics.

DLC surface characters: 

Surface thickness: 3-5 micrometers 

Hardness: 2000-2800 HV in comparison with standard stainless steel 316L with its´hardness 220-240 HV