ELTON hodinarska, a.s. has been engaged in manufacturing of high quality wristwatches for more than 65 years. Our customers know that their PRIM wristwatches are more than just accessories. Most of them received them to mark a special occasion, to celebrate their 18th birthday, graduation from school, gaining a university title or inherited it from their parents or grandparents. A PRIM wristwatch is a lifetime investment which every owner cares for. We understand what our customers need and this is why we offer not only high quality servicing, but also other exclusive services.

In order to ensure that PRIM wristwatches maintain their precision and reliability, we also specialise in their inspection, maintenance, renewal of their operation and renovation of their appearance.

We are the only Czech wristwatch manufacturer to offer our customers a four-level renovation programme which includes care for the mechanical parts of the wristwatch, but also its appearance. Every level comprises several steps which ensure that your PRIM wristwatch will last for generations.


If you entrust your PRIM wristwatch to us, we will adjust the movement, repair or replace worn wristwatch components and check the reliability of the movement.


During the renovation programme, we focus on the appearance of the PRIM wristwatch. We can replace the glass or the wristwatch case, change the design of the dial, the shape or colour of the hands or even design a new strap for the wristwatch. We can give even old PRIM wristwatches their shine back.


With our programme, you can rely on your grandchildren being able to wear your PRIM wristwatch. Apart from standard service, we offer the possibility of increasing the value of your watch. We can gold plate selected parts with 18 carat gold, change the appearance and colour of the dial and the hands or replace the old copper parts of the wristwatch with parts made from other materials. Special surface treatment to combat corrosion guarantees a long life for every wristwatch


This special programme offers our customers the possibility of transforming their wristwatches from older series into truly unique timepieces. We are able to replace the case and manufacture it from various materials, to incorporate technological changes into the original model, improve the operation of the movement or replace a malfunctioning movement with a new one.

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