We know what our customers’ wristwatches mean to them and this is why we offer the unique possibility of participating in their design.

We are one of the few companies in the world which allows its clients to participate in manufacturing of their wristwatch. Subject to customer request, we can modify the appearance of the dial, the hands, the case, we can change the material used for the wristwatch and offer the possibility of engraving the case or crown. If the customer is interested, we can recommend the services of leading Czech designers who can design a wristwatch precisely to the customer’s requirements and specifications. The customer can provide their own design or merely an idea and we can help them to complete this in our factory.

We offer the possibility of creating special private editions which are suitable as gifts for family members to mark important events in their lives, or for important business partners or associates. PRIM wristwatches are more than just a luxury accessory, our wristwatches are part of life.

Private or limited editions are sought-after by our customers from the ranks of collectors and also by those who want to create and give something truly remarkable. We manufacture watches, but we sell pleasure. Pleasure from our precision mechanisms, good honest craftsmanship and individual care.

The watch customization includes the following possibilities:

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